35 weeks and Vasovagal syndrome

This week marks 35 weeks of my pregnancy, 3 weeks to go until my c section and what was supposed to be my last week of work.

My body had a different plan. I suffer from a condition known as vasovagyl syndrome, its not well known and its difficult to describe. Basically different elements can trigger me to faint. Whether it be the heat, pain or stress. For the most part this is managed with medication which ideally I wouldn’t be on during my pregnancy but I can’t function without it. On Monday I suffered from what I can only assume were braxton hicks and the pain and discomfort from these triggered a series of black outs at work.

It has knocked me around severely two days later and I still feel average. I have no energy, zero sleep and really can’t wait for these next 3 weeks to be over.

Has anyone else experienced similarly?  Id be very interested to know.

Until next time x