I hate baby teeth! 

I hate baby teeth! I really, really HATE them! They have a lot to answer for, and what’s worse is we haven’t even seen one yet!

I want my baby back, the one who isn’t grumpy, grizzly or in pain! The one who isn’t drooling profusely, difficult to feed and has bright red cheeks! I want to be able to help her more, bongela and sometimes baby Panadol are my weapons of choice, both not overly well recieved by the baby (can’t work out for the life of me why 😝).
Her red, inflamed gum appreciates it and her hands too, so at least they get a break from being constantly chewed! However Rhemy doesn’t care, it tastes gross and it seems a much better idea to try to spit it out! To be completely fair I don’t blame her, I hate medicine too!

How do you deal with a teething baby? Have you lost your sleep? (luckily I have not) or your sanity? (somedays, I have been close) How does or did your baby deal with teething? Was it a long drawn out process without the tooth erupting? (Rhemy’s experience so far) Or one day no teeth, next it’s there? (lucky baby, lucky parents and baby!!)

Let me know below!
Also what do you think of our new look? Did you notice?

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Mummy, I love you best! 

Lately Rhemy has been wanting mummy. Only mummy! She’s not interested in her dad rocking her, getting her to sleep or putting her dummy in. She doesn’t want him full stop! 

Luckily he is very understanding and knows all kids go through their stages and doesn’t take it personally. Truthfully I love that she wants me, that she looks for me when I walk out the room and that she knows when I’m not around. I love this little human so much and it is so nice to know she feels the same way! 
The only time it would be great, if she would like someone else is when she is upset (luckily this doesn’t happen too often)! At 7.3kg now, she gets heavy and quick! After holding her for what feels like a lifetime my arm goes dead and I am sure I am going to lose it! Hahaha

Is your baby going through any stages? Do they have a favourite? Have they gone through something similar? I’d love to hear! 

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Until next time xox

Today baby won! 

Today our baby won, we didn’t stick to routine or the “rules” we have in place. Today our baby won and that’s okay! 

You see we have been away for 3 weeks and during that time she was unbelievable – an absolute superstar! In and out the car like a yoyo! In the pram for hours! New surroundings and three days of travelling there and back! Barely a cry most days, please note I said most



Rhemy’s routine went out the window. Her bedtime was still the same every night but naps took place when we could get her to have them (and wherever we were). She started to wake pretty early in the morning but still slept through so really no complaints from me. 

You see we really do like Rhemy to have a routine, to have playtime and to know when things are happening during the day but today she won. She dictated the whole day. She slept when she wanted. (3 hours at 10.30am) she’s generally a afternoon napper and a morning power napper. She was rocked to sleep, which is never needed at bedtime (nap time maybe). When she woke she spent time in our bed! I know, I know not the best idea! 
Surely it’s okay for her to have a win somedays. Maybe I am in the minority, maybe I am not but as far as I can see it is! 

Rhemy won today and that’s okay!  

Now please comment below and tell me when your baby won, if it happens regularly or not at all. 

I am mother! 

The day Rhemy was born, I was so overwhelmed at her arrival ( and rightfully so) that I didn’t realise that I was born again too. I was no longer just a woman, I was and am a mother. No more are my thoughts my own and no longer does my day consist of things to only benefit myself. 
Everything on the news now frightens me more, because now I have Rhemy to worry about as well. I hate to see children going through any type of ordeal, because what if they happened to my child! 

The temperature in our house is under surveillance 24/7 so that she is not too hot or too cold. I keep an eye on my watch like a hawk, not because I care what the time is, or have any where to be but because I like to know what is coming next in Rhemy’s routine. 

It took me a while to notice these changes in myself, perhaps they hadn’t occurred straight away, although I am convinced they did. 

I am now stronger and more confident in myself, however at the same time, I am more vulnerable too. I am interested in things I would have yawned at once before and love how much Rhemy makes me want to learn and take in.

Dynamics in my friendships have changed, and by that I do not mean the friendship has suffered in any way, just that it has altered. Luckily for me my close friends are happy for a pram to accompany us to lunch or coffee, or to come to my house when it is too hard to get out of the house. We have functions that a baby is fine to attend or ample notice is given if not so I can make other arrangements. 

I am grateful that I have this is my life. I know many people feel isolated when they become parents because they have friends who do not have children or understand what it means to have them, so instead of being flexible and adapting slightly for their friend, they just stop inviting them to things. 

I am me, a newer version, a better version. I have grown and changed in ways I know not only benefit me but also my cub!

 I am a mother! I am her mother! 

Now I ask you, to comment what changes you noticed in yourself. To like the post if you enjoyed it and share it if you would like others to read. 

Until next time! 

Body after baby!

imageHaving a baby takes it’s toll on a lot of you, but obviously especially your body. Some people lose their baby weight straight away with no effort and others struggle and lose very little.

I think it’s important to remember there is no right amount of time or weight loss that happens after baby. As long as mother is healthy then that is all that should matter.

The biggest issue mothers face is that all these celebrity mothers lose weight at rapid speeds and return to their pre-baby bodies in no time. People forget that they have professionals working with them around the clock, not only to get them back into shape but to help care for the baby.

This is something the normal, everyday mother is not fortunate enough to have. However I am not sure every mother would want it. I know I certainly wouldn’t. I love being able to care for my own baby and don’t mind that the weight hasn’t moved quite as quickly as I would like it too. For me I would much prefer to spend time and raise my child. She doesn’t care how chubby I am. She only cares that I am there for her, that I love her and that I provide for her.

I workout fairly regularly and eat somewhat okay. I won’t say good, cause I would be lieing haha! I have lost some weight but have a long way to go! I am fine with it coming off slowly.

So I ask you, how did you go getting your body back in to shape?

The Best Things About Being Called Mum

I have been giving this topic a lot of thought over the past few days and initially I thought I would have a top ten or even have my favourite things about being a mum numbered, but it occurred to me I can’t rate the things I love nor can I round them off to a even number. So here they are, in no particular order.

  • Rhemy: I know this is a fairly obvious one and honestly probably doesn’t need to be said, but I can’t have a list of my favourite things without listing her. She has taught me so much about myself in her short time on this planet. She is hilarious and wonderful and as corny as it sounds, she is my heart wandering around outside of my body (not that she wanders far).
  • Newborn smell: My friends who have children always spoke of the “newborn” smell and I believed them but I truly had never experienced it until I had my own baby. But they were right, the newborn smell is something out of this world!
  • Playtime: Never in my life, did I think I would enjoy singing nursery rhymes, on the floor under a mobile with a child who can not sing along, but my god I do! Seeing her face light up when the little characters twirl around above her, her gorgeous smile when I bop around singing for her bring me complete and utter joy. Luckily Rhemy doesn’t judge my singing or dancing and just enjoys our time together haha.
  • Baby clothes, shoes and accessories: This is not really part of motherhood but it is part of having a baby and probably has a lot to do with the fact that Rhemy has more clothes then she has been able to wear, but I love dressing her everyday. I love picking outfits for her, I love accessorising with headbands and little shoes. I love the compliments she recieves. I love making headbands and little barefoot sandals for her and hope one day I will be able to make her little pieces of clothing.
  • The way baby looks for me: I know, babies love their mums and that early on they are able to distinguish their mother and father from others that visit. But nothing prepared me for the feeling I would get when it was blatantly obvious that Rhemy wanted me.
  • Morning time: Just after Rhemy wakes up and she has her bottle I sit her on my lap facing me and we talk. She talks back and smiles and once or twice she has giggled. I love this time, it is our time just the two of us!
  • Her milestones: Seeing my daughter reach her milestones, is a feeling that I could not prepare myself for. The pride I felt when I heard her laugh and coo for the first time, when I witnessed her first smile and even when she had her first bottle is overwhelming.
  • Naptime: I love putting Rhemy in her swaddle and putting her in her crib. She is so peaceful and content and this time everyday reminds me of the unconditional love I feel for this tiny little human.

So I ask you to leave a commment and tell me what you are your favourite things about Being Called Mum?
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Vasovagal Syndrome 4 months on

It has been four months (tomorrow) since the birth of Rhemy and four glorious months of no fainting, light headiness or nausea that is caused by having Vasovagal Syndrome.

Before I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syndrome and once my medication dosage was correct, it was something that did not bother me day to day. However when I was heavily pregnant I struggled severely with passing out. My medication was not working, but it was not an option to cease taking it. This reason among others, was why my c-section was moved forward from the original scheduled date.

Four months on and I have halved my medication, I feel great and have not fainted or felt dizzy. I had an appointment with my cardiologist just over a month ago, who was thrilled with my progress and even suggested that over time I could take myself off my medication and perhaps I had begun to out grow this syndrome.

When I was first diagnosed I couldn’t understand how you could grow out of this, however now I am sure you can. My triggers are pain and heat, while I haven’t been in pain lately (lucky me) I have been in the heat, walking and even participating in the gym and I have not once felt slightly off. With all these factors in mind, I am hopeful to be completely off my medication by the end of the year.

Vasovagal Syndrome is not over common and many people do not know about it, I struggled finding information on it when I first found out this was the reason why I felt faint for no real reason. I would love to hear from people who have this or even used to have it.

Until next time!