I hate baby teeth! 

I hate baby teeth! I really, really HATE them! They have a lot to answer for, and what’s worse is we haven’t even seen one yet!

I want my baby back, the one who isn’t grumpy, grizzly or in pain! The one who isn’t drooling profusely, difficult to feed and has bright red cheeks! I want to be able to help her more, bongela and sometimes baby Panadol are my weapons of choice, both not overly well recieved by the baby (can’t work out for the life of me why 😝).
Her red, inflamed gum appreciates it and her hands too, so at least they get a break from being constantly chewed! However Rhemy doesn’t care, it tastes gross and it seems a much better idea to try to spit it out! To be completely fair I don’t blame her, I hate medicine too!

How do you deal with a teething baby? Have you lost your sleep? (luckily I have not) or your sanity? (somedays, I have been close) How does or did your baby deal with teething? Was it a long drawn out process without the tooth erupting? (Rhemy’s experience so far) Or one day no teeth, next it’s there? (lucky baby, lucky parents and baby!!)

Let me know below!
Also what do you think of our new look? Did you notice?

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