Positive Affirmations for kids of all ages – including free printables!

What are positive affirmations? Basically they are ‘statements that affirm something to be true’ and by using positive affirmation cards for children you are allowing them to use positive, repetitive phrases to encourage and support positive thoughts and perceptions from a young age.

In this house we have recently  introduced our children to  positive affirmation cards. Miss R thinks they are fun and asks to do them and I feel that anything where we can support and encourage our children emotionally and guide their inner voice and self perception in a positive way is okay by me.

Affirmation cards contain simple positive phrases that are read to the child who is encouraged to repeat them back. If your child is able to read, then they should read them aloud to themselves. Some of the phrases these cards can include are, I’m a good student, I’m a great listener, I am kind etc. The less fancy and in depth they are, the simpler they are for children to follow and the more likely they are to do them all. Obviously cards are not needed and many of us say many positive things to our children every single day, however I find they make me acknowledge all their traits, and remind them of many positive attributes to their little developing personalities. Even if a child, does not believe the cards to begin with, the theory is over time the repetitiveness of the phrases get into their subconscious and the positive thoughts become their reality, and if I can contribute to allowing my children to lose any negative thoughts they have of themselves then I am one happy mama!

There are many companies that are now selling affirmation cards, books and posters that you can purchase such as Nuture Cards,  and there are also apps that provide digital copies.

If trying affirmation cards with you kids, is something you are interested in, I have included some free printables for my readers below, simply click on the link, print and use with your little ones.

I am perfect just the way I am

I am loved

I am a good friend

I’m kind to others

every problem has an answer

It’s so good to be back sharing with you all,  I have lots of new content scheduled for the next few weeks so please keep your eyes peeled. As always I love suggestions, so if there is anything you would like to see please comment below. At this stage I am planning a new post once a week, but hopefully that increases in time.

I would also love to know if anyone uses the printables, and how they go so please let me know.



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