She’s here!

12 weeks ago we welcomed our gorgeous baby girl. A week earlier then scheduled after over 2 weeks on bed rest and an interesting week in Adelaide when she wanted to come early. I was fainting on the daily and couldn’t cope any longer. My OB decided to bring my c section forward a week and at 1.35pm on Thursday 2nd July we welcomed Rhemy Sharen. I have never felt more in love then I did the moment we looked in to each other’s eyes. People always told me the feeling of seeing your child for the first time is a feeling like no other and I always thought I understood what they meant but it was nothing like I could have imagined. She was and is perfect! Granted I may be slightly biased.

The last 12 weeks have passed in no time and I have enjoyed every moment with my beautiful little girl who has gone from 00000 to 000 in this time. She loves lights, her lullaby and will share her gorgeous smile on her terms only. She has more clothes then me or her father and I enjoy picking her outfits each morning.

Keep posted for our updates and our experiences.

B 🙂