Body after baby!

imageHaving a baby takes it’s toll on a lot of you, but obviously especially your body. Some people lose their baby weight straight away with no effort and others struggle and lose very little.

I think it’s important to remember there is no right amount of time or weight loss that happens after baby. As long as mother is healthy then that is all that should matter.

The biggest issue mothers face is that all these celebrity mothers lose weight at rapid speeds and return to their pre-baby bodies in no time. People forget that they have professionals working with them around the clock, not only to get them back into shape but to help care for the baby.

This is something the normal, everyday mother is not fortunate enough to have. However I am not sure every mother would want it. I know I certainly wouldn’t. I love being able to care for my own baby and don’t mind that the weight hasn’t moved quite as quickly as I would like it too. For me I would much prefer to spend time and raise my child. She doesn’t care how chubby I am. She only cares that I am there for her, that I love her and that I provide for her.

I workout fairly regularly and eat somewhat okay. I won’t say good, cause I would be lieing haha! I have lost some weight but have a long way to go! I am fine with it coming off slowly.

So I ask you, how did you go getting your body back in to shape?


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