My Caesarean experience

Before I had Rhemy I decided to do research on what a caesarean meant for me and what would actually happen in the theatre. After about an hour of reading I had seen too much! I had read things I didn’t want to know and seen photos that I couldn’t unsee! I certainly didn’t feel more knowledgeable on the things I wanted to know most.

What I wanted to know was how it would feel when I was numb and during the actual procedure – completely strange and like nothing that anyone could ever explain, maybe that’s why I couldn’t find anyone who had tried. There was pulling and pressure when they were getting Rhemy out and to be honest after she was born I don’t even remember feeling anything else. I was too smitten with my newborn. I was told I would get to see Sean cut the cord and the doctors checking her out but I couldn’t. We did however have an amazing nurse who took photos and video for me and showed me while I was on the table waiting for Rhemy to be brought to me. Once she was on my chest looking into my eyes the rest of the procedure flew by and I was back in recovery before I knew it.

Which brings me to the next thing I was dying to know when I began my research. The recovery and pain! The rest of that first day was pretty good. I was still numb but beginning to get feeling back, and thankfully felt absolutely no pain. I did vomit for most of the afternoon and evening, probably from the anaesthetic or pain relief or more than likely – a mix of both.

Then day two happened… I woke up feeling great and hanging to have a shower, I couldn’t wait for the nurse to come and get me and to get out of the bed! That’s when I felt all the pain it was excruciating and horrible but necessary as it meant I had commenced the most crucial part of my recovery (moving around) even if I was sure my mum was going to have to brush my hair for the rest of my life haha. After my shower I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in my chair chatting to family and enjoying my beautiful newborn.

I spent a total of 3 days in hospital and 2 in the Rendezvous as part of the Baby Bliss program Ashford Hospital offers. It was lovely to have that time with Sean and know that midwife was available around the clock to help me whenever necessary. Rhemy was such a good baby and not a hassle to feed so I didn’t need to call on her once but it was nice to know  she was there.

I believe each day I got better, less pain and more movement. 2 weeks after I felt really good except for turning which felt strange and almost unnatural. Now apart from the numbness around my scar I feel normal and have no concerns with having another caesarean.

Lastly I leave you with a small bit of advice, if you are asked if you would like to see your baby as he or she is born say yes! We were not asked, instead the curtain was dropped as it was all happening and it was absolutely amazing! So I say, if you can – go for it!

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3 thoughts on “My Caesarean experience

  1. Such an amazing experience! I wrote a blog about my section. Mine was an emergency and I was totally unprepared! Can relate to everything you’ve said! Taking the bandage off was torture for me! Hope you are enjoying motherhood! Rhemy is beautiful xx

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