Do you use a baby bag? 

Anyone who knows me, would tell you I am massively into handbags. Some might say, I have an actual problem! So naturally when I fell pregnant the idea of getting a nappy (diaper) bag excited me! 

I began searching forums and reviews to find out what one would best suit my lifestyle. In the end, I purchased a beautiful Oroton bag which I believed to be functional and the perfect accessory for when my baby arrived. 

Fast forward 10 months or so (I bought it very early on in my pregnancy) and it isn’t getting the use it deserves or that I imagined it would. When I was breastfeeding I used it a lot. I put nappies, a change of clothes, spit rag, etc in and off I went. Now I am bottle feeding I seem to carry more bulky items that struggle to fit comfortably in the bag. 
The nappy bag is too big for the basket under my pram so I have to carry it when I have the pram and to be honest I find that to be a massive inconvenience! So now I just put a lunch bag (holding multiple bottles and formula powder) and a large clutch (with nappies, wipes, spit rag and a change of clothes) in the bottom of my pram and away I go. 

I know so many things on the many, many lists of what you need for a baby are not necessities but I truly didn’t think a nappy bag would be one of them. At least not for me! 
Do you use your nappy bag? Did you waste money on anything with your first born? 

Comment below and let me know I would love to feel better about myself haha! 


One thought on “Do you use a baby bag? 

  1. I never bought a big bag, and i never bought a nappy bag, i just bought a largeish bag that had a flat bottom and i found everything i needed fit in there fine! 1 onsie, 3 nappies, a small amount of wipes in a case, 1 towel cloth, 2 bottles and 2 formula amounts in a container. Thats really all you need! And it’s not long before you swap one of those bottles for a pure and spoon. A friend of mine has a huge!!!! Bag like, 4 of my handbags easily!! She carried 10 nappies… What is going to happen that she would need that many? In a 2 hour shopping trip lol and yep, she has to carry it as it doesn’t fit, and gets caught on everything in the shops but “she knows best” hahahaha


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