Taking care of yourself 

When you become a mother you start putting someone else before you. All of a sudden things that mattered to you before seem so insignificant that you almost can’t believe they were once so important. While I think this is a good thing and that our children should always come first, I also believe in taking the time to look after yourself too. 
Each of us are different and what soothes us and rejuvenates one person, doesn’t another. Some of us need a night out, dancing, drinking and forgetting our troubles (I’m not that person, the thought of a hangover is enough!). Some of us like to get pampered, mani- pedis anyone? Some of us like coffee with friends or just being able to take the time to apply a small amount of makeup and feeling a little bit put together.  

Me, I like coffee (wine) with friends, breakfast dates with my mum and movies (after Rhemy has gone to bed) with my husband. These all make me feel whole, like I’m my own person. Most of the time, I have Rhemy in tow and that’s okay, I don’t need to be away from baby to have ‘me’ time. I just want something that doesn’t include baby toys, songs or cartoons. A bit of time out of the house, doing something different keeps Rhemy happy too and to me that’s a huge bonus
So I say, try to do whatever you feel makes you feel like your own person, somewhat human, as often as you can. While I strongly believe our children shouldn’t have to make compromises, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make time for keeping you happy and healthy. Because if mum (or dad) aren’t happy neither is baby! 


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