10 baby names we love but won’t be using! 

I thought it might be fun to share my top ten baby names I loved while naming Rhemy but we won’t be using, no matter how many children we have in the future. I’ve seen blog posts like this before and thought they were really fun! It can be a great convo to have with other parents, kind of cool to learn what names they loved but just didn’t make their final cut and why. 

Anyway, here’s mine:
  Our dogs name is Tilly and we refer to her regularly as Tilda. Therefore this name was out for us, before we even had a chance to consider it. 

  I personally love this name! I never suggested it to my husband, it is too close to our surname and quite frankly sounds silly with it. 

  Our friends had a baby 5 months before us and called their beautiful daughter Indiah! We can’t have two Indi’s running around together. 

  My favourite boys name, I guess you could say I have outgrown it. Lucky we didn’t have a boy.

  We both liked this name at the start of my pregnancy but I guess we never really loved it, so it never really became a contender. 

  I love Josephine in its entirety, I dislike it shortened. Too often I found this to be the case, the full name beautiful, the nickname not my style. 

  I loved it, Sean did not. Case closed! 

  Same as above! This tends to happen a lot, it sure is difficult agreeing on names, when you have such a different tastes from your partner. 

  My husband especially loved this one, but it’s been used too often, by too many people we know. 

 Sean loved this name, I wanted to but never really did, I just couldn’t imagine myself with a daughter named Piper. 

Now tell me, what names do you love but won’t be using?  


9 thoughts on “10 baby names we love but won’t be using! 

  1. Elkie – a couple of people called their dogs this while I was pregnant so that scrapped that.
    Brooklyn- I didn’t like the shortened version of Brooke.
    Millie- we considered this both times but didn’t agree on it as a final contender.
    Amilie- I loved it husband didn’t and now my friend has a girl called Amilie.
    Jarrah- the other name Avril would have been given but I wasn’t sure it was girly enough.
    Lincoln- I loved this until I heard someone say Stinken Lincoln.
    Hugh – my husband loved but I hated!!
    Parker – top of our list for a boy but we were blessed with girls.
    Harrison- I didnt want Harrison Higgins I’m not a fan of the same letter started as surnames.
    Camden- I loved but husband hated.

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  2. I loved
    Mariella- it was a tribute to my nanna Marion and i loved Ella but didn’t want Ella. Hubby HATED it.
    Ethan- too common
    Isaac- too common for me
    Liam- a tribute to my pop William it’s my lil man’s middle name.

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  3. Our daughter is Josephine! One reason I liked it was because of the nickname possibilities haha! Jo, Joey, Josie. We call her Josie now. But I do like her full name with her middle name…Josephine Elaine.

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  4. I absolutley loved the name “Mikinley” when pregnant with my 2nd daughter. Husband – hated it! Ill never get to use it. Still think it’s pretty! 😊

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    1. My daughters name is Kynli which we shortened from McKynli (same name just different spelling) We did that cause my husband didnt like it either. Her name is Kynli Grace and it suits her perfectly.


  5. My youngest daughter is Matilda. Such a pretty name. And then I remembered I have an ex whose aunt called her dog Tilly. It made me laugh as we also have a son called Alfie which was also the name of a dog my dad owned!
    Picking the right name certainly can be tough.

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