5 wishes for baby 

I thought for this post it would be fun to share with you all my five wishes, hopes and dreams for Rhemy as she takes this journey through life.
1. Courage. I hope you have the courage to pass through your life following your dreams and being able to stand up for your beliefs. To push yourself to the limit and be courageous in all that you try to do. 
2. Education. I hope you are educated in whatever your choose to do. Whether aquiring a university degree is necessary or learning on the job. 

3. Knowing your worth. I hope and will do my best to ensure that you grow up knowing your worth and that you ensure others know it and respect it too. You are worth the world and it’s important to me that you believe that!

4. Happiness and Love. I want your life to be filled with happiness and love in every aspect of your world! 

5. Passion. I wish for you to find your passion in life and that you are able to follow it with all your heart. Daddy and I will do everything we can to give you all the opportunities you require. 
I would love to hear your hopes and dreams for your offspring so please comment at the end of the post sharing them with me! 


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