The City vs The Country! 

Bringing up children has its complications and its pros and cons. Does the location you live in contribute to this? Or does it not matter where you are situated? 

When I was 18 I moved from my hometown to Adelaide. When I was 23 I moved back to Broken Hill. My husband got a job on the mine and we have family here. The decision was a no brainer. We both enjoy the relaxing, slow pace lifestyle that living in the country gives us. However I can’t help but compare what life would be like if we were bringing up our family in Adelaide. For many people Adelaide is just a big country town and not in contest with Sydney or Melbourne and while I wouldn’t necessarily disagree it is a major difference living there in comparison to living in Broken Hill.
First and foremost let’s tackle incomes and jobs, while Adelaide offers more opportunity in job prospects it does not allow my husband to work on the mine and come home to his family everyday. To earn the mining income and to be situated in Adelaide means FIFO work. Which just wouldn’t work for us. 

Secondly support, we both have family here. My mum is here for advice, questions, anything I need. In Adelaide we simply didn’t have that. We don’t need to use Childcare and I can return to work for two days a week and reap my entire salary, instead of returning full time just to make paying for childcare seem worth it. 

Lastly is our facilities and to be honest that’s where Adelaide shines, medically there is no travelling “away” to see specialists. Education- no leaving home to attend university or a private school. Location- no rip off plane fare that seems to be forever increasing, no six hour drive to be able to fly to our holiday destinations. 
 I love the country, to me the outback wins! My family is here, it takes me 5 minutes to get to work and I go home for lunch everyday. Do I miss the shops, beach and cafes in Adelaide? Yes! But that doesn’t mean that it’s the place for us to live. 

Broken Hill does offer a lot that the “cities” do, we have great mother groups and support in the hospital for new Mums. We know the people that live here and it’s friendly. 

What do you think? City or the country? If you ask me its all personal preference and I wouldn’t have that any other way! 


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