Motherhood in rhyme.

My house is a mess and so is my hair, 

I’m sure people see me and think I don’t care

My makeup is forgotten and my clothes too small, 

But as far as I can tell I have got it all

My glasses have smudges and jewellery gets broken

But how exciting it is to hear first words spoken. 

My times not my own and my personal space is non-existent

But it’s amazing seeing baby try to crawl being so persistent

When baby wants me and stares into my eyes

I forget all the nights I’ve woken to hourly cries. 

When we play together and she begins to coo, 

I forget all the times she has covered me in spew

I may sometimes look tired and have no energy left, 

But this is the most incredible job I’ve got to do yet! 

My life isn’t glamorous or what everyone desires, 

But being a mother and having my family is all I require


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