Spoil yourself mama! 

I know that once children come into our lives, that our paychecks tend to go to them and honestly that’s how I believe it should be! It’s totally acceptable for the children to get the majority and the parents to go without. However I know my husband is reading this and wondering when I have ever gone without and that’s because sometimes I think it is totally acceptable to treat ourselves! 

Whether it be purchasing something new, getting pampered or going somewhere that we enjoy. We as adults deserve something for ourselves! My husband and I are really into spending time as a family so we like to spend money doing things all together. I enjoy getting my nails done on occasion and like to splurge on makeup and handbags, my husband also has his vices. We don’t go overboard but we do allow ourselves treats, Rhemy is our priority as are our bills etc, but we like things that make us happy too.

Not everyone will agree with me and that’s okay but I think it’s perfectly acceptable to do things to make yourself happy, even something simple such as a cappuccino before work instead of a instant coffee one morning a week. Im a firm believer that a happy house produces happy children! 
Share your thoughts below !
Until next time

B 🙂 


We are doing the 52 week savings challenge! 

We have decided in 2016 we are going to participate in the 52 week savings challenge. We budget (or at least try to) anyway but feel like this could be a nice way to save an extra almost $1400.00 for the year. 
To find out all about the challenge and how it works click here, but basically for each week of the year you are setting aside that amount of money, for example week one is $1, week two is $2 and so on. There are many articles online saying that it should actually be done opposite, as in save $52 the first week and work your way backwards but we have decided for us it is best to start small and build our savings up. 
I can see why people have suggested beginning with the larger amount as just before Christmas it may be difficult to set aside $200 for the entire month of Decemeber and this is true, however for us right now it is actually harder to find that money following the festive season.

Anyway week one is here, I have a pretty jar set aside and a list next to it for us to check off so we don’t miss a week. So far all we have is $1 but I’m excited! 
Are you doing anything differently this year? I would love to hear about it!