Inspiration to keep organised! 

I know I told you all that my New Years resolution was to get organised! And for once I really, really want to stick to my resolution! I have decided to keep on top on everything I need to inspire myself! I’ve decided a pretty planner, that makes me happy when I open it is a great start. It’s also a great creative outlet and time for me! (Let’s face it, as mums we all love me time!) It’s one thing to get organised it’s another to stay organised! 


I have turned into a real planner “nerd” and I know it’s not understood by many and a lot of you may think I am crazy but Im hoping a lot of people can relate (and I’m not alone)! So I have put my life into sections, I have a spot for this blog and then a calendar where all our appointments,  my work days, my husbands work days and Rhemys activities are tracked. I have an area for expenses as we are also trying to be better with our finances too! It’s already filling up and I am feeling much more relaxed and on top of what is going on. 

As for university I have decided I am going to keep that seperate! I don’t have the space for it in this one and I think it is better if I keep it seperate from my day to day life. Study reminders and assignment due dates and tracking my readings will take up so much room that I want somewhere that I won’t worry about making pretty just functional! 

Our life is hectic, my days are full and this is truly helping. What do you do to keep organised? What do you do to relax or have mummy time? Comment below and let me know! 
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Staying Organised

Two days ago I returned to work, I am only working two days a week, so I can guess technically it is now my weekend. The work and my colleagues were fine, leaving Rhemy was not! (but that is a whole other blog post)
I realised that in order to succeed in my 2016 New Years resolution which to be quite honest is more or less just to get my shit together, I am going to have to come up with a way to focus on being more organised. I am heading back to uni in March and with Rhemy, work and also this blog to contend with I would like to have a system in place before the start of the semester. 
I already have a diary/planner and I use it religiously for appointments etc, but I think I can tweak my usage of this, to help me organise dedicated time slots and ensuring I stick to them. I understand things change and it will not always go to plan but it can be used as a guide.

My plan is to begin with hourly slots and go from there. Obviously having a little one means that the time may need to be altered during the day, depending on her naps but if I know Tuesday is study day and Thursday is washing day I can stay more focused and see my way through the week. 
At the moment, I am using this Personal Planner, which is A5 and what can be customised to suit your needs and preferences. I wish I had chosen a vertical layout because after a couple of weeks of use of what I thought was a planner I loved, I realised everything I write and want to stay on top of doesn’t quite fit in this layout. We live and learn. I’m changing now to a ring planner so I can fit all the different parts of my life into one place, but this is still a great option and would recommend to anyone who wants to just simply track appointments or like me would like to become more organised. 


I’d love your input! What’s your organisation system? What allows you to stay on top of everything happening in your life. Comment below 🙂

New year, new me? 

It’s approaching! It is that time of year when we begin to hear all the promises from people to become a better version of themselves in one way or another. It is also when out come the critics, having their say on how stupid they believe new year resolutions are.

What camp are you in? Are you for resolutions of against? Myself, I am for them and I make them, I think they are great incentive to try and stick to something or to change a habit that you are unhappy with. I don’t always follow through but I try and I find no harm in that. 
This year in fact, I truly hope to become a more organised, together woman. I feel like my house is always a mess and my head in the clouds trying to work out what way is actually up! 2016 brings part time work and study so I will have limited time for everything and I know that being organised (or at least attempting to be) will help me stay on top of it all, so I am truly inspired to try and stick to my resolution this year. 
I have always had a diary/planner. I am normally very good about knowing what I have coming up and filling in the days accordingly but since Rhemy come along that has gone out the window, so 2016 I am coming for you! 
What’s your New Years Resolution? Or do you think they are just a waste of time? Let me know below! 

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