Thank you coffee

To my dearest coffee,

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have and continue to do for me, especially in these last few years. I always drank you because I enjoyed you, but now you are my play button. The kick up the but I need to begin my days.

You have managed to single handily pick me up on multiple occasions, even if I have had to consume 4 cups of your sweet goodness to get said pick me up. You have been my morning go to for years but now you are my afternoon go to as well. You have been reheated, spilt, shared with family, friends and acquaintances. You have been tipped out, spat out and remade. You have put up with and offered so much. How would I have ever survived without you?

Without you, some days would seem so much longer. Some days I don’t know if I could open my eyes, talk to people, be nice to people. Functioning off two hours of sleep is made easier with you, not easy – easier. You are a good excuse to get together with friends and a good excuse to sit alone on the lounge for a while.

As with all good things, you certainly have your cons, such as the new stress I have when trying to enjoy you, when my toddler is in the room. The constant reminders that you are hot and the cup is not for babies is getting old. Yet I still find myself needing you every single day.

People say you’re no good for me, but  I don’t see myself ever giving you up.

Thank you coffee for all you have done!


[Hope you enjoyed my sarcastic letter of one of my life saviours, until next time BCM]


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Staying Organised

Two days ago I returned to work, I am only working two days a week, so I can guess technically it is now my weekend. The work and my colleagues were fine, leaving Rhemy was not! (but that is a whole other blog post)
I realised that in order to succeed in my 2016 New Years resolution which to be quite honest is more or less just to get my shit together, I am going to have to come up with a way to focus on being more organised. I am heading back to uni in March and with Rhemy, work and also this blog to contend with I would like to have a system in place before the start of the semester. 
I already have a diary/planner and I use it religiously for appointments etc, but I think I can tweak my usage of this, to help me organise dedicated time slots and ensuring I stick to them. I understand things change and it will not always go to plan but it can be used as a guide.

My plan is to begin with hourly slots and go from there. Obviously having a little one means that the time may need to be altered during the day, depending on her naps but if I know Tuesday is study day and Thursday is washing day I can stay more focused and see my way through the week. 
At the moment, I am using this Personal Planner, which is A5 and what can be customised to suit your needs and preferences. I wish I had chosen a vertical layout because after a couple of weeks of use of what I thought was a planner I loved, I realised everything I write and want to stay on top of doesn’t quite fit in this layout. We live and learn. I’m changing now to a ring planner so I can fit all the different parts of my life into one place, but this is still a great option and would recommend to anyone who wants to just simply track appointments or like me would like to become more organised. 


I’d love your input! What’s your organisation system? What allows you to stay on top of everything happening in your life. Comment below 🙂